Dimitris Pitianoudis

1989 – till now with B.K.Frantzis Energy Arts, senior instructor, full time teacher since 1991


1975 – 1979 for teacher of Physical Education, University of Thessaloniki

1993 – 1995 European School of Shiatsu Athens department


1980 – 1988 teacher of Physical Education in public schools

1990 – till now teaching Taiji, Chi gung, and Shiatsu seminars in Greece and abroad

1995 – 2000 founder, director and teacher of European School of Shiatsu in Thessaloniki

2001 – 2005 Shiatsu teacher in Natural Health Science in Athens

2005 – 2017 teacher of Physical Education in public schools

Related experience:

Extensive experience in sports (athlete cyclist, trainer in bicycling and swimming)

Athletic Massage, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy

Meditation: Rudra Meditation with Stuart Perrin, Time Therapy with Manuel Schoch

Yang Taiji with Petros Kouropoulos and Tew Bunnang

Wudang Taiji with Dan Docherty and his teachers

I speak fluently Greek, Russian and English.